Realize Why You’re In Debt and Change It

Over the years, debt has been perpetuated by the banks and the major media that debt is a tool.

It’s become so effective at getting money out of consumers that it’s become an art, it seems.

Notice how there are no ugly, fat people in any commercials. Attractive, fit people driving the cars or eating the burgers implies that we’ll be fit and attractive, too, when we consume that product.

Specifically about debt, though… Banks use the media to deliver their message.

Now I don’t think that there’s some conspiracy between them! It’s just that banks pay well. And anybody who can pay can have air time. On top of that, corporations tend to be amoral. Meaning, in this case, they’re not going to censor or decline a message because of its content. Rather, “money talks! So let’s air it.”

These messages encourage people to get into debt in order to get what they want… NOW! Now, we have a society of “I must have what I want NOW. I get what I want now,” instead of delayed gratification.

Because of this, millions of people in america and all over the world suffer from severe debt and lack of freedom.

Why is this harmful?? What do we care if we’re in debt? Does it really affect our lives that much? Silly questions, maybe (because the answers are obvious, aren’t they?), but important ones. Of course debt affects our lives.

How much do you really like sitting around the dinner tabe trying to be a responsible adult and pay the bills and have food to eat and clothes for the kids? And instead of being met with success and the natural ways the world works (ease and flow), you’re met with worry, frustration, feelings of lack and insecurity, uncertainty about where the next payments are coming from.

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Saving for the Future

A lot of people talk about saving but few people actually do it. It takes discipline to save for anything you might want or even need. The hardest part about saving is putting off something you might want now for something even better in the future. Our society today has caused this notice of must having what we want now and not putting off until tomorrow.

This has cause many people to get into debt and hurt their financial future and that of their kids as well, because when you fail to save you are putting you and your family at risk. If there were to be an emergency that you didn’t have the money to cover then you will most likely have to put that expense on credit, borrow the money, or do without which can be even worse depending on the emergency. Below we will discuss five strategies for saving for the future.

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Budgeting Your Money

Planning for the future starts with budgeting. This is a term many people do not like to hear but it necessary when you have something to save for or if you are trying to get out of debt. Budgeting is the beginning of you becoming financially sound and being a good steward over your money.

There are several ways you can begin budgeting and planning for the future and we will discuss 5 ways below:

1. Creating a list of monthly income РIt all starts with making a list of all of your monthly guaranteed income. This is the money you make from your job, investments, and/or other residual income opportunities. This is the money that you know you will generate every month. When you create this list you will get a clear idea of what you have coming in monthly and what you have to spend.

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Global Information Society

Welcome to the Global Information Society blog, or GIS for short. We are your website for up-to-date financial information. Here you will learn about the global financial markets and how they impact you on your home front. Though every area is different we will strive to provide you with information that is pertinent to you. The focus of the financial information will be on the United States, but from time to time we will cover foreign markets as well.

There are always financial disasters, and if you look throughout history you can see one financial debacle after another. The constant in these moments in history is change and adaptation. The people that were financially sound and secure were able to handle the financial downturn and in many instances thrive during the period. If you look throughout history often times the haves were able to grow their net-worth during the economic downfalls. Though there is never a time to profit off of others, during these economic hardships some people grow their finances.

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