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Welcome to the Global Information Society blog, or GIS for short. We are your website for up-to-date financial information. Here you will learn about the global financial markets and how they impact you on your home front. Though every area is different we will strive to provide you with information that is pertinent to you. The focus of the financial information will be on the United States, but from time to time we will cover foreign markets as well.

There are always financial disasters, and if you look throughout history you can see one financial debacle after another. The constant in these moments in history is change and adaptation. The people that were financially sound and secure were able to handle the financial downturn and in many instances thrive during the period. If you look throughout history often times the haves were able to grow their net-worth during the economic downfalls. Though there is never a time to profit off of others, during these economic hardships some people grow their finances.

The purpose of this website is to level the playing field by providing you financial information to place you in a better position to handle any economic downturns in the economy and hopefully strive when they do come around. We will offer this information in a number of different ways. Some of the information will be provided in blog post similar to this one, while some information will be in the form of videos from some of the leading financial experts in the world, and we will also have downloadable information for you to digest and share with your loved ones.

Along this journey of financial education you will learn to become a better steward over your finances and how to protect your assets in the long run as well, because it is never good to amass a lot of money and then not have a secure way to pass it down to the next generation. We’ll discuss ways you can assure your good financial practices will not go to waste shortly after you leave this earth. You want to be in a position to set up your family long after you are gone so you can rest assured those are topics we will cover.

In addition to financial management, we will also discuss ways to make money. There are a number of ways you can make money whether that be part time or full time. Some people are looking for ways to increase their income by a few hundred dollars a month, while others are looking to completely replace their current income. So discussions on entrepreneurship and making money will be another topic of discussion. All the suggestions we offer in terms of making money will be based on factual data and case studies done by our staff members or close confidants. We will not recommend or suggestion a strategy or program that we have not seen work for ourselves.

Lastly we will discuss investment opportunities you could get into in order to grow your income or enhance what you already have. Investment opportunities are all around us and getting into them are easy but profiting from them can be difficult. Again we will only suggest programs that we have personally been involved with or have trusted colleagues that can verify the programs.

So we look forward to having you join us along this journey of financial education, and we want to hear from you. So if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of the information we cover on this blog feel free to comment below any blog post or contact us so we can respond to your request.

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