Realize Why You’re In Debt and Change It

Over the years, debt has been perpetuated by the banks and the major media that debt is a tool.

It’s become so effective at getting money out of consumers that it’s become an art, it seems.

Notice how there are no ugly, fat people in any commercials. Attractive, fit people driving the cars or eating the burgers implies that we’ll be fit and attractive, too, when we consume that product.

Specifically about debt, though… Banks use the media to deliver their message.

Now I don’t think that there’s some conspiracy between them! It’s just that banks pay well. And anybody who can pay can have air time. On top of that, corporations tend to be amoral. Meaning, in this case, they’re not going to censor or decline a message because of its content. Rather, “money talks! So let’s air it.”

These messages encourage people to get into debt in order to get what they want… NOW! Now, we have a society of “I must have what I want NOW. I get what I want now,” instead of delayed gratification.

Because of this, millions of people in america and all over the world suffer from severe debt and lack of freedom.

Why is this harmful?? What do we care if we’re in debt? Does it really affect our lives that much? Silly questions, maybe (because the answers are obvious, aren’t they?), but important ones. Of course debt affects our lives.

How much do you really like sitting around the dinner tabe trying to be a responsible adult and pay the bills and have food to eat and clothes for the kids? And instead of being met with success and the natural ways the world works (ease and flow), you’re met with worry, frustration, feelings of lack and insecurity, uncertainty about where the next payments are coming from.

Your kids need to eat, they need a house, they need clothes. How really supportive can you be of your spouse if debt is all you know?

You can live a peaceful life in debt. Who wants to be wracked up with stress and nerves al lthe time? A peaceful life, one where you know evertying is take care of and runs smoothly, is a blessed life (largely) and definitely a happier life. It’s a higher quality of life.

That’s what we’re meant to be! We’re not meant to increase our chances of an early death because of stress and nerves, which disease the body.

So you the number one step getting out of debt — and you can… you’ll learn it in this blog — is to realize how conditioned we are to accumulate debt like it’s natural to do so. In fact, that might even be the biggest step, that realization.

I’ve changed my life with Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover. I encourage you to get this book and do a money makeover yourself. In these series of posts that follow, you will learn about this makeover that has changed millions of lives (including yours truly).

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